Minecraft Gameplay Will Continue.


So I wanted to blog quick as I had planned a special end of season vlog, but due to being sick me facial looks are one of a monster ATM (joke). So Making a blog is an easier way out as I am now planning season two which will be completely different yet again. It is not that I wasn’t happy with my world (I as I hated the nether) I just wanted to start fresh for season two. I mean I never really had it planned as I was to continue in the world I was using. My plan which I can disclose to you all was that I was hoping to use an adventure map for a mini travel season to last up till Christmas, I am so new I am unsure if I am allowed to do that without permissions so maybe in the new year I can look into that and that idea may play out but not in the world that has come to an end.


I was thinking of making a vanilla world for 1.7.2 (no mods) but I found it so frustrating I went back to 1.6.2 changed a few mods around and think I may have what can be best offered to a Minecraft gameplay. I do have other things I would like to do not just Minecraft. I am just unable to do them now, because of my kids being sick as well as myself. (time of year), recording is very hard for me with coughs and cries taking over my voice. I have tried as a test and it didn’t work out well. Erm, so I will plan and prep. for all the things I am wanting to do. I am also looking into getting an Elgato for my Xbox I have quite a lot of my games there inc; COD – Ghost so to get extra gameplay to offer my subscribers may get cool, maybe not, but I need to try and not say it.

Sorry again that I am changing this yet again. I really want to have a set series that can continue just like Tiff aka iHasCupquake, Mario aka Red and Tom aka TheSyndicateProject.

Ending here as I said quick plus my son will be home from nursery in the next 20 mins I best go make him some lunch. Don’t forget you can keep in touch by following me on twitter¬†@talulajadeuk

I will be back. loads of new things to come. Peace && Love