MCI – Revisited

I have been planning MCI for the longest time and to not see it come alive, & I have said that again and again in my head, even to the point where I am now saying it here or to friends and family… But it is true. I have included an image from the server website which is now currently closed because I feel taking that on while doing all the other things I am doing is a little too much for me right now, but MCI isn’t going anywhere. I have tried a couple of times to start something. Write up a plan as I don’t want to just throw a server together and have loads of issues and problems. For me it is something I still have never done so it is a learning challenge for me, but I know what I want, I just hope that when the times comes I can find reliable staff who do not try to walk all over me, I hope I can find people who are not going to expect to be paid for what is only a hobby for me, or for people who feel that because I do not know what I am doing that they can take over my server. Or… for people to be a great member of staff for MCI till they demand extra perks or feel there friends should be able to join as testers and have the ranks as staff when it will not happen. If you can not tell this are just few of the reason why MCI has not taken off. I would love to just create a post and have decent people apply and not people who claim to know what there doing and really do not have a clue what is is but they know someone who can.. I want MCI to be a professionally ran server for players to not hit any problems so they can be there for the main reason. TO HAVE FUN! I think over the next week I hope to look into other people ho have servers see if I can find any info on running a server, how to set it up that works ith how I would like MCI to be. So with that being said I will end here hoping that next week I will have something for you guys, taking it step by step so that maybe in time I could bring you a video 🙂