MCI – Long Time Coming.

I know saying this is wrong a little bit, but would you forgive me for keeping this so long awaited.
I have been running a Minecraft server for going on a year now, and I will be honest it is not one of the best servers going in the Minecraft world of servers. I have tried a few times to get it up and going hired staff because I am just to newb to know how things go, how to set them up and update them when the time comes. So yea this is a touchy subject to cover for me. Because I feel this is one thing I will never get right.
I wanted my server to be different, to have meaning… To give players a chance to explore, learn, help and… well if you play Minecraft I am sure you can see where I am going with what I am saying.
The time has come I feel that I start getting ready to bring MCI to life, to make it pubic and a place for minecrafters to play, share and generally have fun with. My plans in running a server are nearly as worse as me running my life, its everywhere. Just like I was when I posted looking for staff when I got the server.
Hi. I am totally new to server making. I have been playing minecraft for good 7/8 months and feel I have come along way that I’d like to run my own server. I tried one on my laptop but my laptop just didn’t make the mark and kept crashing on me as I made it for my 2 children. So after a long hard think, I decided I still wanted a server. I enjoyed the whole setting up process and seeing the changes i could offer to the server. So I went the whole hog and got myself a host. Now I have one and have a semi standard set-up of the server Which of course i am now offering to anyone and everyone to play. I just keep hitting bumps in the road. Permissions, configs all to much for me to get my head around. I have tried and with my busy lifestyle ATM I now feel maybe getting someone to help could be the only way to get the server started. 

I know reading this you may think “If your too busy why have a server?” But that is mainly because I have children due back at school soon and also I have 2 babies at home with me so if your a parent you will understand what I am saying. But I will have the time nearly everyday to sit and sort stuff out. Just my time varies a lot when I can sit and sort stuff, by that time I’ve forgot what I was doing. So if I could find someone, maybe two people who could help to assist in getting my server set up, then players can join without the fear of grieving.

About the server: Let’s just say for now I have plans for what will be a multiworld server, all of which I can not really mention here. What I can say is that I currently have 70 slots as I feel that is enough, for now anyway. I have plugins already installed most set up. But to have someone who knows what they are doing to keep the server up to speed, would be given a title and permission, no other can receive. 

About the website. Now I read into all kinds and feel a website is a must, along with a forum. Which is set up and yet again needs to be configured. Graphic design would be a great skill for banners and stuff for the server. Of course all credits will be given to who make it. 

This server wants to advertise you in anyway possible. This server wants members to hopefully create youtube videos with there lets plays and tours. If you feel you would like to help. Or have the skills to help and the time. 

In time I will post again looking for staff, mods and such so if you do not have the skills I look for now.
You may be what I am looking for when I have the server up to standards. So stay tuned !

For all who wish to apply. You know what to do. – All replies will be answered.

How long have you been on the server:
Reason for wanting this position (requires paragraph):
Experience (details):
Contact info:
Dedicated time:
What you can bring:
Proof of work:

I got got a bit of attention from this, but I wouldn’t be making this post about MCI if I had success from what I gained from that post. Which leaves me here. Over the next coming weeks, because MCI is closed from the public eye I will be hoping to get MCI up, get staff who will be dedicated to the job at hand, if they can. Maybe they can teach me a thing or two. I know what I want for MCI, I just struggle trying to bring it to life. So from this post I hope to be able to take you on a journey on how I #MummaNewb tries her hand at re-opening her server to be live and open to the public, Until then I can only offer you my really bad Minecraft series. I do have links below that you may want to view over time. MCI is on twitter and also has its own website. The website is closed till I found time to put to it, and the twitter has always been live but with no content to offer it sits collecting dust. I hope to change that, I hope to take the ride of a lifetime. |