March Madness

I knew the time would come where that overwhelming feeling would kick back in and I start to see things that begin to bug me…. sites still under construction…. it’s the understatement of my life. I set myself things to do and as soon as I start something gets my attention. Do I have a short attention span? Do I need someone to hold my hand and help me do this? Worse do I just hire a mind reader because they exist right? I am done beating around the bush, I am done trying to be there for everyone else yet when I need help I am left alone.

So this year may have been very giving in some aspects but in others, I feel worse than I did last year. I guess compared to last year I can see the signs, I just have one thing I have not tackled yet. I shut down everything I do, I fade away behind the scenes and in a nutshell, I vanish and stop talking on social media. I have not found a way to deal with some issues that I have to face but trust me I will be facing them head on as I have so much time on my hands as of late I plan to do one thing Learn and repeat that last action, till I see a change in my life. I could go on and on, but the truth behind it all is one nasty tale and one that shouldn’t be shared till the time is right. I won’t let it happen.