Make Mistakes

Why do we make mistakes, to learn from them, or to make us look like a uber bad person.

So this is something I wasn’t really planning, I was just sitting there watching the kids sleep and felt why not start writing, Maybe I had something to get of my chest. I suppose that is true but there are somethings that have to be left unsaid at this present time. One thing I can let you know is that this blog is going to be closing soon, I am not leaving… I am not giving up. I am just moving to a new domain. Which is currently live at the moment but not able to be accessed, other than to myself. The reason for the sudden move, is mainly because this domain I had really created for my character from my book, so to use it for what I am doing now is not the way it was meant to be. I was on the headset frame of carrying the post I had created here and making them over on the new blog, that way the past I have created here isn’t going to waste. It is going to take a bit of time, hence why closing this blog down while the transition happens is the best way for me to go ahead. Plus I know fact that I have no followers or readers so I know I do not have to worry about readers trying to locate what I am doing, but in case there is the only way you can reach me will be via Twitter @talulajadeuk as I am always there throughout the day. I am sorry to anyone who may read and for this happening. It will all be live as soon as I get the new theme set up and all my content has be added, the same will go for the new blog I am still working on. I have also received e-mails about MCI because I know it is still not live also. I have a lot of work to do there, I mean I am starting from scratch and I have no staff now. So I am utterly on my own with this server, and the website which also looks a little naff at the moment. I suppose that is one of the massive mistakes I done when I started all this.. I was so keen to spread the word, yet I never had to content to show anyone. I never had a finish product to say… “Look what do you think ?” I want to change that, I want to make it right again, but I need to learn first before I can show off my finished products. I guess this blog was kind of small. I got out what I wanted to say, so in the next 12 hours from now this blog will be closed to the public while I make changes.
You are more than welcome to check me out on twitter. Until I go live again.

Peace && Love