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Hello readers, so today has been a mega strange day. If you add the fact I had no sleep last night due to my little girl being poorly all night. But this isn’t a personal blog, it’s a MCI blog. I will be posting this in the website’s official blog also (which I should really update and work on) but I have been a busy mum. I have been researching all sorts from mcedit, worldpainter and schematics. Still no pro at any of them.

But I’m showing myself that I want to learn. So breaking down from an information overload I asked/reached out for help. I have pro builder faragilus building the spawn for MCI which I am utterly made up about. I have been watching fyreuk videos on YouTube to help inspire me build and low and behold look what I have started

So it’s nothing fantastic, but I was mega happy to be playing about with blocks instead of thinking is survival tactics of saving them. That was when it hit me. I really needed to learn more about Minecraft, about being the owner of a server. Still going it alone I just hoped the answers were out there and with MCI staff behind the scenes helping me bit by bit when I stumble. (Thanks boys) I’m now at a place I can say I know that.
So I brought myself some official Minecraft books from I hope to read them later on today. Then I went on MCI after seeing a tweet from my host announcing their new section. “Maps” utterly overjoyed by this I jumped on MCI added one of my sons to the whitelist to test till I stumbled into a small problem.
The permissions I had created were not correct and I was up the wall. I mean I had taken the time to learn PermissionsEX. Not that I could give you a command if the too of my head, and that was my problem. I was being hexed by my own Minecraft server. A good vibe comes my way yet my server finds a way of making me feel like a mum and only a mum. I turned to staff (which I still have) and one helped so much I think now.  Do I really need to know how a server runs. Do I need to what makes it tick. Well, the answer is yes, but it is too difficult to get my head around. I have learnt a lot. But I think I may hand my server over to a member of staff. I will write up an action plan (something I am good at doing) and I will set tasks and jobs seeing as there a former server owner themselves. I feel like I have let myself down not doing it myself. But would MCI ever be live if I continued to try and learn… Till next time.