Longest Break Ever!

I never dreamed that I would be out of the gaming action this long. Before I had a small team of staff who took away the hard work for me. Now I am doing it all alone I really don’t know where to start. The few fans I did have from my old YouTube channel (I really miss that channel) Can now connect to me again. Most never but a couple did which made my day. As I never forgot about you, and in my panic of getting my hosting back up again the first thing I done was my e-mail then this domain. Not sure if they even read my blog, They liked to watch me play games….
Since I started on my new channel is just has never been the same. To make it worse I am never happy with what I do to upload it to YouTube. I have become a addict to twitter and this blog and will now find any reason to avoid my gaming side. I still play the games I had planned to record
1 – MineCraft
2 – The Sims
3 – Amnesia 
4 – Xbox Gameplay
But I have not had it go that way. I know my laptop is nothing special but it has got me this far. 
I spend most my days/nights watching others dreaming and thinking of new ways to be different!
So with that I wanted to answer a few of the questions I am being asked
Q.(Your a mother of 5 kids, that says something. Cant you work with that ?)
A.. I don’t think that using my title as a parent will get me anywhere
Q. (You mentioned on Twitter you was getting new art or your series..)
A. I was, but it didn’t work out. I plan to make my own “Wish me luck!”
Q. (Will you record your own series with your children?)
A. I hope to, my walking wiki JMACKUK wants to be a YouTuber
Q. (Do you feel it is hard wanting to do what you do and be a mom?)
A. Sometimes yes I do, But as many times as I fail I like to keep trying
Q. (When are you going to record minecraft again?)
A. I still do, it is just not good enough for YouTube “Kids”
Q. (Do you still write your novel ?)
A. Which one, lolz. Yes I try to at least everyday
Q. (What made you want to start doing game play videos?)
A. I think it was from watching other people. “They made it look easy”
Q. (When will MCI be live to the public?)
A. Tbh, I don’t know ATM. I have to start all over again now, But I am always planning
Q. (Will you record on servers again?)
A. I hope so. Part of mini games I will be record on HaydzCraft & Multicube.
Sorry if I did not answer you question here but I will try to answer more real soon!
So being alone again in this gaming world I feel like the bystander looking in. I may have pro accounts on a few servers, I may of spoke to MC Pros in the past but that does not make me a pro. I am still a newb as you would call it. (No really I am, can’t stand mobs!) But I am always trying to get at least one series back and that is my single player series.
I am going on a whole new spin, new version, new mods. (when they work)
Just I need the time to record, and I need to make an outro still.
I suppose I could leave my videos as they are and work on that as I go along
I just felt if I was doing this I would try to make it look as good as possible
Dont want to bore you by talking, or mining… or worse have my kids in the background
I am a parent first, and wanting to be a gamer makes it so much hard work to get it done.
My host’s have bent over backward for me with help and such (Thank You Guys!)
All in all I can only say I am really sorry for taking so long. I have so much I am taking on I forget what I am/was doing before. Now I want to take on vlogging to. Don’t have an Idea how!
The fact this blog is still going is because I is not hard to keep. The domain was a pain getting back, but posting isn’t hard to do, unless you have writers block which I have not got yet.
I still plan to work on my template and make this place more like home. 
This maybe a blog but its my whole life I share to you all
So I must keep it tidy, neat and a place you would want to comeback to.
I really need to look into a art class, or a animation class online.
Yet my massive trust issues leaves me like I am 
On a massive break where I think I am never coming back from this
I really hope that I can, I miss making videos for you all.
Peace && Love
Cuttie Kisses 
Sazzywils – talulajadeuk 
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