June Highlights 2014

I have spent the last few hours looking at my stuff, I have been away for over a week so to see the things I had planned for you all breaks my heart that I couldn’t share it with you. I suppose in some ways I have by my vlogs but this is a blog and it is to be read not watched. I had collected images over the month that has now gone, I had plans to blog about the little adventures my kids had. Be that going to the shops, getting a new toy… or a visit to the park. I have tagged the whole week because I feel that some people are confused in what my blog means now. So I think I will start by saying there meant to be days of the week…. I like to keep busy, I like to plan ahead, I like to know that I am not just posting when I feel like it. [Kinda like I am now] I just think I was getting a little in over my head. In a massive bad way.
I am still new to pretty much everything, blogging, vlogging, gaming… Making a fool of myself isn’t something I am doing. That is just how I am…. I used to be a really good gamer back in the days. Not that the internet or YouTube was around back then. I am trying to see the reasons to be happy with the life I have. I am seeing that certain people (gamers) always have a way of making me remember who I really am and who I want to be. My kids give me all the support when I try to vlog and come up with idea for doing things. I just hope I do not let them down, end of the day I am here not for your entertainment, I am here to show my kids to live life and enjoy every second of it while you can 😀