I’ll Be Back.

Hello Lovelies, I am back with a new blog, and a little of a rant to be honest as I feel that if something need to be said. Say it before you consumes you and well I don’t want anyone else feeling like I have felt the past few years I can tell you. So what is going on with me for a title like I have. Well I have noticed that after a couple of days with my children and boyfriend. I have been trying to be happy, trying to think of the things that make me happy right now and I clearly stated that. Family (Boyfriend inc). No wonder I have been so sad I am blaming myself for being a failure and to be blunt I am the reason for my failure. But that is because my head was clouded with so many things in my life and people telling me things I wanted to hear or not wanted to hear and that left. I have been dealing with so much in my head, that I wasn’t able to do anything about it. One thing I will say I am going to be happy as I know what I want in life and I will get there. I am now leaving Avon, mainly due to things that I really do not want to disclose because all in all I have no problem with Avon so giving them a bad review is not something I would like to do to them. I am going to continue working for my new job Younique because its new and there is not everyone and there friend making the system harder for anyone new. Yet I have my views on them also nothing bad but, They will be my growing strength as Avon are unable to satisfy the needs I require. I will say one thing. I will return to Avon in due time. Right now I am not able to deal with what needs to be dealt with but I will be contacting them and informing them of the long list of issues about my area, and as a sales leader and now a representative why Avon will not work. Am I helping Avon? Yes and I will continue to help them by going back in the future. For now Younique is what I need in my life, My reasons as shameful to say. It is because I need friends. Will I gain friends from this job? I would like to think so, I am a really nice person, as long as you don’t walk all over me. So I will make Younique is goal to grow and spread what the company is all about as like Avon it’s not all about make-up. If you look beyond that you can see the meaning behind it all and I finally can. I know who helped me grow, I know who supported me and was there when I wasn’t at my best and that is important to me as them people will never be forgotten…. in the meantime I did make a vocal recording but because I am a dork I saved it on my Evernote and have no way of uploading to share. If I ever do find a way I will share it via my facebook page www.facebook.com/mummanewb Thanks for reading and knowing that due to you all reading and locating me that I am able to shine more and more each day. Love you all
Until Next Time #LoveLula xx