I am a Blogging Newbie!

Hello Cuties, Talulajadeuk here. Well Sazzywils seeing as this is not my gaming blog. (Wonder if I should make one of them)
Anywho I have taken a couple of days to see what I want from this, to see what I would like to offer. I have no skills, aka I have no job. I am a stay at home mum of 5 children who keep me busy. I suppose the reason I began to do this after taking a look back at my life. It was because I was depressed. One word I have tried to avoid for years, not wanting to let anyone know this, but I was in such a dark place that not even my kids could make me smile. That is very sad, to me because my kids mean everything to me, so. Knowing what the reason was into creating “Creative Thinking Mum” which was the name I had when I first started blogging. I wanted to have a place that I could express myself, my kids and if people read my blog I would be stunned. I suppose deep down I have self esteem issues, really need to work on that, along with my depression.
I began this blog which led me to many other things that the internet brings us. I play Minecraft, along with other games, but Minecraft is my main game I play.
Watching videos after videos on YouTube, made me want to be a YouTuber. I had no idea how and I still don’t I mean I have a channel but my videos are terrible. I lack in knowledge which is funny I think, but I see people make there videos stand out… make them shine… (light effects)
Yet I managed to figure somethings out, cost a small bit but I wanted to do it right, and if they meant learning well so be it. I like to learn new things all the time. So unsure how to use photoshop I went back to using an old friend Paint Shop Pro (Not that I am a pro), but I was able to create thumbnails for my videos, not that they were fantastic but it wasn’t just a random clip image from the video. I then created this video… which would of been great if I had remembered to turn on my microphone when I recorded it.
It was then I had no idea how much this new hobby was going to take over my life. I don’t mean that in a horrible way. I am glad I was able to do what I had done, but I could see my basic blog was looking a bit BASIC. So I began to look into themes and anything that could make my blog better.
(Hence what you see now)
I suppose I have a lot of work to do with being a blogger. I know I am no fantastic blogger. I have nothing to offer anyone, eg; tips, skills, help… Sure you get the point. I do however feel this place can be something that people could enjoy. So I felt my five little monkeys could be part of the blog.
The older ones are in mainstream school as will my younger ones when they come of age, but before I became a blogger I was teaching my kids odds and sods to help them before they started school.
Tesco states: “Every Little Helps”

“I know I am trying to put to much into all I would like to do.
I know I have no real skills to say I know what I am doing.
I know that I may be down now, but I will continue
I do not look for fame, I do not look for fortune.
I look for a place where I can be myself.
I don’t have friends as such, I know people.
Here has to be my BFF, because here I can be real”

I had no plans today to post. For now I am just trying to find the time to still see what I would like to do, being a sahm can be a little lonely!
I hope with the images I use for my blog that tagging them means they can not be stolen, I had brought them from a artist as I felt they looked so much like me, (When I am not all Blah, and depressed) I would use them as my blog image.
I hope that over the next few weeks I can get myself back on track.
I watch a woman on youtube who has helped me so much with her videos.
She is like another BFF who I have never met, plus she has no idea who I am.
Suppose that would call me a fan (should I mention I brought her cup/mug). I guess I am, but I don’t know if you have anyone in your life, or watch someone who makes you feel like you can do anything if you move yourself to do it.
With her I can, and it is slowly making me feel good about myself.
I would Like to dedicated this blog and this post to one amazing person.
Please check out the links above, I can assure you that you will love it!
– talulajadeuk aka Sazzywils