How do you Sell Avon

When you become an Avon Representative, You’ll discover one of the best parts about selling Avon is you decide how you are going to sell Avon Products. With Avon, you decide how you run your business and the task you complete to make your Avon business successful. If you look at other Avon Representatives, you will find that not any one Avon Representative is successful in the same way. Some Representatives may find success in event’s or parties while another finds success through fundraisers. Some Avon Representatives even become successful just by selling Avon online! With Avon, you choose your own destiny. You have the ability to earn as little or as much as you desire. Personally, I believe you make the most money with Avon when you take advantage of all 3 earning opportunities: (1) Selling Avon Face-to-Face, (2) Selling Avon online and (3) Building your very own Avon Team, otherwise known as leadership.