Homeschooling, Writing, Tweeting & YouTubing,

MummaNewbMy life has become even more of a challenge these days, as I started off wanting to homeschool my kids over the summer which went great as their grades are fantastic. So I continued with a system that is kind of still under progress, then the whole Minecraft addiction got worse and worse I got into servers well 2 servers which led me into making my own (something else in progress) then there’s the website for the server.

End of the day it has to look good for gamers wanting to know about the server right. My twitter account for Hollyoaks was coming along a storm. So many fans who support myself in supporting Hollyoaks by following me, which makes me feel so overwhelmed. There so much fun along with the cast who take their┬átime in talking to me, but then I went and done it and done it bad. I decided that being a SAHM I needed to work at home more so I am thinking of now becoming a YouTuber. Gaming wise at first but having 2 accounts I was thinking of also having my main long running account for Vlogs and homeschool and Hollyoaks stuff and the other for gameplay…. All still work in progress but I’m liking the idea of doing something I like doing and sharing it with the world. But with this blog, 9 books to write as 1 is currently being written, Tumblr, 3 twitter accounts, 2 YouTube accounts. My Instagram, Circle, Skype, Facebook, Google+, a Facebook page, Flickr, Five Little Monkeys Homeschool…. I think that’s all of them… If not I’ll add them on. (Which I totally forgot to add my Minecraft server and website) This small little socialite is getting around. I may not have a massive fan base, most are all friends and gamers I play games with or fans of a great tv show. All in all, I’m hoping to be something from this, not just a mum of 5 who had a plan and it was forgotten.