Home Fashion

So I know your thinking… wow she has done it at last, gone out and treated herself to a new wardrobe. Well I am sorry but I have still not got round to it. I have spent most my cash on getting my house sorted.
I know my house isn’t all fancy, I don’t have a six car garage attached to the side of my house. It is just a simple house with me and my kids. I said I wanted to treat myself to new clothes and that will still happen, but not until most of the house has been done. Must say family really come in handy when they have the skills to cut out having to hire something who will cost loads, I think there doing a great job… now there are done with the downstairs, and working on the upstairs…. I can see the massive change. I love it, the kids love it.Sorry this ended being so short I never really planned to blog at all today, and being really honest I started this yesterday on my laptop and finished on my iPhone on my way to taking to kids to school and going to A&E with one of my boys and to also see my mum.
Amazing what family….hard work and materials can do to a family.