Home Education, More Sickness & Crazy Plans

24/03/2015 this post should of become but never did, and I sit here now with so much to tell you all and with so little time to tell you. Hard to say seeing as you all will be reading this, but to sit after going so long without doing nothing posting the odd image on Instagram and posting old blogs and videos from my channel, I’m left with the behind the scenes of my life that you don’t see, the stuff I should of been vlogging but have not been since I lost all my stuff from my old laptop. What I can say and share with you all is that my life has not only been turned upside down and inside out but trying to jigsaw my life back on track has and still is the biggest challenge for me.
I wake each morning with ideas flooding my head but instead of writing/typing them down I am choosing to ignore them, hoping that in time the world online can just forget I even existed. Can you tell I am not thinking at my best ? I do try to stay positive but to that and keep a smile on my face is so hard to do. Over the past I have tried to push so much at the back of my mind but I feel the time has come that I began to face them all. Sort them all and get them out my head as the torment is bringing me down. So here is to what I have been doing, What my family have been up to and what has happened to my daily social (ness)
Well I have always wanted to get a new kitchen. Not saying I didn’t love my old one but to know I have my own kitchen. The time has finally come to say yes to change so it is goodbye to this…
The shock was one that really had me thinking if I had made the right decision, just I didn’t have a choice and couldn’t go back. That fear I had I knew I couldn’t stop had to have a good outcome right.
As scared as I was with the changes, I love loving the smell and how toe kitchen was coming on. Each day that week the new kitchen was fitted, my kids would be eager to come home from school to see what has been done so they could tell there teachers
Which brought us this…. Massive change and after a week of no kitchen. I was so happy to see what came from such a massive change
In non house related news I joined Periscope, and showed myself & my family to the world. Took back memories from my vlogging days but this was more live… Couldn’t edit so to be able to jump on every other day to speak to people felt great and made me feel that giving up on YouTube isn’t going to happen just yet…. My fun online has really only just begun :p
The past few months have been some massive amounts of changes not only for me but also for my family…. which has caused so much of my online life to be put on hold. But I have not given up and I am not given in I am still popping about here and there. I still have so much to overcome and still so much to learn…. But I am taking it step by step. Even it means that I have to make myself distant for a while. With that I mean when it comes to things like education. I have now become a full time home schooler of my eldest son of 13 years. Due to things that happened to him I felt pulling him out of school was for the best…. so with everything I am trying to catch up with and trust me I am trying my best I am happy to be able to home school / home educate my son. I hope to be able to show you in the future all I have got up to with that and so much more but at this present time I can only say that I am deeply sorry for not being around for so long. I have not forgot about my readers.