Goodness Gracious !

Hope you all have had a “good” Good Friday!
I am sorry I’ve not been here to blog much this week, but family first, also I wanted to change how I was blogging everyday. I felt I was thinking harder to blog everyday. But every other day, or just a few times a week. As I’m not superwoman. I have 5 children. I have a large 4 bedroom house that needs 24/7 attention having little ones, a part of me felt I was leaving this behind. So I wanted to share with you what I have been up to this week.
We said goodbye to our old cooker and got a new one which I utterly adore
Elizabeth cleaned her kitchen, Mainly with toys but I was proud of her
I had tried to vlog this week, But messed up real bad. I was however able to get something from the whole thing. I am now looking into getting a proper camera as recording via my iPhone is good, but I forget to rotate all the time, plus my finger was getting in the way ):
I have been busy on my hollyoaks account on twitter getting all my followers to do what Freddie ask’s which is to #DoTheH. Just wish I could be a part more like I was last year, before I wanted to be a Gamer/Youtuber
It wasn’t long before the darkness was back “Grrr” So I ended up scrubbing my whole living room carpet for a sence of peace…… (Didn’t last long with my kids)
I took a step back and went on a YouTube mission. I really want to start this whole make-up thing then I came across this which helped me loads. Not that I have tried it yet.
This then brings me to today where I got a new journal/filofax with an iPad pouch. I hope that with all this I can get myself sorted. Might even tell you which journal is for what 😉
It has been a strange week, but not feeling stressed to do as much as I was trying to do then feeling like I had failed because I couldn’t get it done has helped. So taking a step back will be something I will continue I hope to finish on my flylady journal tonight now I have some more filofax paper. I am doing good so far, I do not want to stop!
Have a great Easter everyone 
Until Next Time (:
Peace && Love 
Cuttie Kisses