Glam It Up

Today I want to challenge myself, Today I want to stop this stress and worry I keep having and posting about. I am going back into the FlyLady Idea. Making sure I have a updated “Daily Routine” that will fit my life and not just copied I need to add more to it and finish it. That way I can work on the rest. “Basic Weekly Plan”, “Menu’s & Groceries”, “Personal”, Miscellaneous”. That way I can stick to something, rather than say I tried and it become to overwhelming so I will just give up. A part of me think I only want to do this mainly due to the fact that I get to spend more time with my filofax, which looks great but have you ever google searched “FiloFax” the amount of things you can get for them is mind blowing. So I am thinking while I am glaming up the house I should glam up my filofax, the best…. My kids think I should glam myself up to. Let my hair down and be the happy girl/woman I used to be a long time ago. The idea of that sounds costly but nice to think of myself with my hair the way it should be and getting my own self glam back on. That will mean that I will have to make a few sacrifices in order to get this so as a heads up I am going to try and plan ahead as best I can. Another things as I am sure by now you will have noticed that I have post 2 vlogs already. This week only I wanted to test myself in daily vlogging and see how I get by because I seem to find weekly vlogging a great idea but with the amount of videos I get for a week and to watch, and edit them I spend ages doing that so I am just looking at my options. Speaking of options There could be days where I feel the rage kicking in and I may think of giving up again as I was pretty close over the weekend, but I am glad I stuck it out because I am in a good vibe and I have some great idea planned for myself one even being maybe getting behind the camera for a tag video… I don’t know yet as I view people who do make them sending the request out so I would be silly to not take them up on it right. I also have some good news to announce about my other domain “” I have opened it early to force a bit of pressure on myself as I was struggling to get the blog set up with the “Under Co” template up. I do however have another blog that I use to mess about with, codes and templates but the ones I am using I have paid for and feel that I should use them seeing as I paid for them. Which brings me to one thing that I have not really avoided but I have not had to time really and I need to find time if I want to do it and seeing as it was what I started after my first blog I have badly neglected my Minecraft side of life. As a web owner and server owner I have these things sitting there being paid for each month and I have nothing done to them at all. I think, no wait I know the kind of ideas I want, but I need help. Nothing I can say to try and beat around the bush about thinking I can handle it all alone. I think if I had more time I could, but I need the help of people who know what there doing and understand plugins and can build plus work with redstone. Skills I really do not have at all. So I hope this week to write up a draft application (again) for so I can look for people over the age of 18 not under at all who understand what I am after and can help to create MCI to be live before its a year old. As you can see I think I am trying to take on a little to much to try and fight this sadness I have had I refuse to say depression as I don’t even want to think down that road anymore. I want to think stress, worry of getting things done, if I am unable to do that I need to not allow myself to get into that pit of darkness where I turn against myself making me feel like I am just nothing who will gain nothing from life. See what I mean… I can be very harsh and mainly to myself but I need to stop and think of all I have. What I do do with it. Make myself a reason to want to be something other than a sadsack. I must also take note to read back on my past posts so I never forget that I can do it.