Gaming Journey

Hi readers, How you all been? Myself, I have been keeping busy. I say busy I mean overloaded with things that I struggle to keep up with. But one thing I will say is that I am still here. I may not post often like I used to but I am not going anywhere. My domain has been moved due to bigger ventures and I have gone back to using the WordPress for now :p

Where is Talulajadeuk these days?

Well Talula has been so distant be that book wise or gaming wise, she does however pop on Arkham Network every so often as she can not get enough of the place. I’m still all over Instagram and Twitter and most social media that has #talulajadeuk on it. Book wise well that is still coming together and it’s going at a snails pace 🙁

Will I be making videos again?

I have been asked that question so much the past few months even by my own kids haha. But I will be making my newbish videos again very soon. I am still in the works of trying to get a bit of free time to record. My channel has been overtaken by Avon at the moment. But I do how my old #12daysofminecraft series ready to be reposted so you know I still in love with my gaming side, which I ma still bad at lol.

Where is MummaNewb?

She is still living her dream, can be still found on twitter being her derpy self, As for her blog, it is now over at where she actually has to blog at some point 😮

Minecraft Days

I am hoping to be making my minecraft comeback soon and hopefully making a series which I am highly looking forward to.
All I can say is thank you to all who have waited for this long process to pass by and to all who show there support for myself, lula and my family

Who is lovetjuk

Lovetjuk is a sub to talulajadeuk and is connected to my Avon business over at Reason I have been so faded is because I have been trying to build my business and sell a product I have grown to love, build a team who love what I do and along with taking a lot of courses to build my CEO you can see this post was well overdue. anywho now you know :p

Speak Soon “Mwah”
#talulajadeuk | #mummanewb | #lovetjuk
((On day I will get the hang of this PR business lark))