Feeling The Strain

I’m feeling it bad, I understand the break I had with my children being sick I tried to do all I had to do when I could fit it in, but now there well again and I have routines and schedules set up I’m seeing I actually have no time for myself…. I miss watching other peoples YouTuber accounts. I miss my shows on the bbc iPlayer (haha) I miss that time I had to do what I am doing now. “T.H.I.N.K” I may be re-thinking all I do in the new year. I love doing what I am doing I’m not stressed and mad at what I do. I just feel the strain I am under is just too much for just one person. I see that the more money it’s costing me, makes me want to stop. It was all free back in the day and I’ve only been at it a few months. You know sometimes I feel I talk utter rubbish…. I go out my way to make myself to be something I’ll never be.. I should just stick to being a mother.