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I have never really been a Fashion/Make-up kinda gal. TBH I wont say it is all new to me, I just felt that being a young mum wearing makeup would make me look bad. When it comes to fashion I have always just liked to be comfortable, as for my hair. I have always tied it up in a pony because I felt Being beautiful was beyond me. The image I am using in today’s post is from 12 years ago. I have not changed much at all, well… you wouldn’t see me in that jumper 😀 I think growing up I wasn’t one of them type of girls. I wanted to play video games and make friend. So looking good in all aspects of fashion, makeup, & hair wasn’t my cup of tea. Why I am thinking about it all now is mainly due to age now, I don’t want to look my age, I don’t feel me at all. I may of had 5 kids but I eat well and keep my body in shape, so maybe, just maybe I should start to look into looking good on the outside. I wouldn’t have a clue where to start. I watch TV and YouTube mainly for idea’s but I am yet to see anyone who is like me in skin tone. Who has a fashion style I can maybe follow or try out. I wouldn’t have a clue what makeup pallet I should be using and ones I have tried make me look whiter. I think watching people like Anna Saccone & Patrica Bright has made me want to try more. I would love to brave the things I fear. I would Love to dye my hair other than red, Maybe something wow full like iHasCupquake. I am now watching some new people It’sJudyTime, BeautyCrush & Tanya Burr who has been around for ages, they may not look like me, but there tips of beauty are ever so helpful. Even if I have not tried them out yet. I was even thinking about cutting my hair short. Till my family informed me that the last time I cut my hair, I cried for days and wouldn’t leave the house for weeks. So maybe a trim but not a massive cut could be needed. I have 5 beautiful children, so I think I have done my part raising them as little babies. Now there in there toddler stages and up. I think looking after mum is needed. Until my next post Peace && Love (;

“Now to figure out how and where to start”

Me & Shawn (Under One)
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((A part of me feels really daft that I blog and say how new I am to things but everything say is the honest truth. One day I will master the skills of makeup, I will look good in my clothing, I will have hair I will not want to tie up all the time))