Fashion On A Bugdet

I love the summer, I love how the range of clothing is changing every year, yet I have never been a fashion type of girl. I like clothes… but like everything it comes with a price tag. Now when I was pregnant, fashion meant everything to be. I had to look comfortable and good at the same time. With my petite size and large bump sticking out I wanted baby to feel comfortable and not squashed… in clothing that was an extra size up. As of late I have been trying to curb my spending. I tent to save a little cash and lash it out on various shops and websites till I gutted that I have none to pay the bills. I suppose not working does not help, but I do get by with the money I do get. I just know that I need to balance my money and that way I may be able to buy new things. What is worse for me I know that I have kids, so to be they would have to come first. I can buy to there taste and make them happy. When it comes to me, I tend to think that I do not need clothes as I don not go anywhere. I do not need clothes because food is more important. I do not need clothes because why would I think that looking is making to make me feel any better. I don’t look for attention from my clothes. I don’t need it, yet why bring up such a subject…. There must be something out there for women who want to wear something stylish yet not stand out right. I would love to be more in touch with the women inside of me and not feel that everything has to be for all the wrong reasons. I’d like to say I look good in a dress and wear it out in public as that has to be one of the biggest fears I have. I am always in pants. jogging bottoms or jeans. With summer here I want to go on a clothing adventure and try to sink that feeling of showing my skin. Where to start, I have no idea but if Primark allowed you to shop online that would be the first place I would go. Where I live we have an asda superstore so I think about shopping there but I do not wish to wear clothes that everyone else is wearing. We have a shopping center that has market stalls and a few clothing shops but I have been down that road before and have had either issues with clothing and there stitching. Like shirts that you buy and they do not fit right on the hanger, so I would look a fool to go out in public with a slanted shirt. My wardrobe looks like a womans nightmare and if I want to change that I know I need help in this. The fact I am admiting it is scary as I do not wish to be judged for not taking care of how I look, I just never felt it mattered. Until my next one… I am on my own !