Farewell MummaNewb

All good things must come to an end, well I say that as in I am having to let go of something I hold close to my heart. MummaNewb.com is closing down I will not be continuing to run a domain that I can pretty much control here at talulajadeuk.com. MummaNewb will still be a part of me as I created it and well I am a mum and I am a newb so made sense back in the day, maybe in the future, I can set it up here and share my newb skills and stories of being a mum of 5 cheeky children.

This is a short but sweet blog post but due to finding out my sites were down I kinda lost my draft and had to get my backup I had not written much on. I felt I needed to make you aware¬†that from¬†05/13/2017 www.mummanewb.com Will be closed down I’m happy that I was able to share my past back in the day when I started back on blogger in 200? I have forgot it’s been that long, but all in all it has brought me to where I am now. Still here, still unorganised and most of all still misguided.