Family Friday | Lost Social Self Being


Day5: In the words of @KerryKatona7: Good morning all. Today is brought to you by the letter f. As in fun, freaky, fast, fuzzy, frisky… All aboard the Friday train xxxxxxx
It’s #FamilyFriday for me, so have a fab, funky, family day!
So I forgot to pay my hosting bill and have been terminated. I would laugh at this, thinking to myself well this is great, but if you have ever run a website, a Minecraft server, 2 blogs along with 2 domains. Having the fun of having to set them all back up all over again is not going to be fun at all.
Day6 & Day7 – will consist of building my sites back up again along with all the extra that came along with it.
(Nearly a year if work lost in the matter of 12 short hours)
Sooner I’m back on track with the domain linking back to the blog the sooner I can work on the rest I have to work on getting back | Sorry for being a noob!
Peace && Love
Cuttie Kisses
Sammi – talulajadeuk