Everything’s Changing

I know what your thinking, why was your blog closed, why could we all not see it… Well I felt I had to much going on so closing the blog (that was doing nothing) was for the best. But that was when I noticed that 9/10 the things I decided with a bad mood are not the best…. So I am back and ready to push out another blog for you all. Because a lot can happen in a month right. It has for me 😀 So let me start by saying Hi yet again, and I hope you all had a spookarific halloween last night. Me & my monkeys have a uber blast. Just wish that we wasnt all sick so roll on next year lolz. I cant even believe that 2014 is getting to an end so soon. This year has gone by so fast I am glad I have this place to look back on my memories…. and I have a place for 2015 to create plenty of others…. So with that I will begin with this months blog which seems to be a change of things which I hope will all work out well and be for the best. If not I can say I tried.

YouTube Channel

I know I said I had all these plans in the past… All these started series that have never finished. Poor quality of my videos which are not getting hardly any views. So maybe, not doing anything for my channel in all this time. Could be a good thing… I don’t know who reads my Twitter, but over last month I had been posting my old vlogs for #Vlogtober, and I can see my skills in recording are just terrible. Without having a decent intro/outro, I can see why my channel has been dropping in views, subscribers. I hope to be able to change that in time… But that is what I need. Time. You see I am finding it ever so hard to find time to get myself into a place where I can learn these skills so I can create few videos for my channel. I have what is need to make a new intro/outro for my vlogs, and even for my gaming videos. I have adobe now… so the things I need is all there. I just need to make it, and if you have not used adobe after effects… It can be a little daunting. But they have some great tutorials in which when I can find time I would like to learn. From there I should know how to make my intro/outros and wouldnt need to feel low wish I knew someone who could make them for me. I can only say from now. Watch this space as not even I know when I will be fully back to YouTube.

MummaNewb – Access All Areas

I am still keen on Vlogging. I don’t know what it is that has me so drawn to it… But I really miss making videos that include me and my kids. Taking you a little closer to how I live my life which may not be the best life, but its a happy and well lived one. I also feel that seeing my #FiveLittleMonkeys grow up and to look back over time at what they looked like and how much we have changed as a family is something I feel I love would to have for them and for the viewers who used to watch my videos. I was hoping that if I was able to get a steady flow going when I am vlogging again that I can maybe explore other videos you would see most Vloggers create. But Not wanting to give away any spoilers away yet. I am going to sit knowing that if I can get this done there is a future for my channel. I feel sometimes that because I watch other vlogs I feel I can do it too, so rushed into it all without thinking how I was making my videos, This will be where the hard part begins for me as I really don’t want to have to depend on others doing everything for me. I created this blog alone, and my other… I can make my channel work too if I take the time to learn how.

With a big part of this out the way I can go on to other things that I wanted to get out there but have hid in fear of saying them mainly due to looking stupid. as it isn’t everyday you have a 32yr old mother who plays and enjoys games in my area like myself.

Talulajadeuk – Gaming Channel

Now I know my gaming videos have been getting posted to my main channel, and I know that saying this may sound annoying but they are a different part of me. there not vlogs… or any other video of that category. I like to play games… I have failed in many ways as a player and as a gamer (mainly because I am forever to be a newb) But as lula has been in here gaming fantasy world. She has been uber busy. Again some of what she has been doing would be giving out spoilers again, but one thing is that she is having more fun than myself. Hahaha…. I can say that again with the whole intro/outro… if I can get that setup and looking snazzy I should be able to start a new Minecraft series. As for recording my xbox 360. I cant use my elgato still so I am waiting till I can get myself a gaming desktop to hopefully be able to do it when. Classed as a spoiler last month I can announce that I have The Sims 4 & I have not even played the game at all… because when it comes to recording it I want to be able to experience 1st hand even if YouTubers are making videos for there channel already. I hope to cover the game myself in time. I was thinking ages ago of creating another channel… so my vlogs and games were separated… I don’t want to lose subscribers with content they don’t wish to watch but when I saw my subscriber count dropping I felt I needed to keep it as it was and just work on just having the one channel for now till I can gather more subscribers/friends/fans/followers who enjoy what I make when I finally get round to making them. But that took me to thinking to my book blog. I feel the world isnt ready for that so maybe instead of having another channel I can create a backlog blog for my gaming videos. My book can then stay where it should be… in my head and on my gadgets till I have more done to it. But gaming wise Talulajadeuk is still about in her gaming world… some know where some can find me which always tickles me. Which reminds me I will be setting up my e-mail for her soon for the fans who used to send me fan mail and artwork. Maybe you may be featured in a future blog or video in the future too.

MCI Server

MCI has been undergoing so major changes…. I have had this minecraft server running for over a year now and it is still yet to have public access. never being able to set it up due to lack of knowledge, or fear of not having a server run long due to hackers and the kinda thing you get owning a minecraft server I have had it sat on the back burner as a private place to play on when I wanted to break away from other minecraft related things. But thanks to the help of my co-owner who never give up I am happy to say that MCI is now going somewhere and at a fast pace. So I can say that I am happy to say that MCI can and will be public. As main owner I hope to be working on the website area so mcihub.com will not be a closed domain for much longer I have a lot put into MCI. It has been my little project that I nearly let slip away. I am just very excited to see the place finally begin to take shape. With only 2 running it at the moment I think it is running along very well if 9/10 I have done nothing much except pay the bill. The brains and hard work is down to the hard work of MCI’s co-owner. I just hope that it will be hard work and can be worth it as I feel MCI is slowly getting ready to shine. I hope to keep quick updates for MCI posted on twitter as the server has it’s own twitter account. Were not a massive server being closed and not many people knowing about it, but hopefully in time it can slowly begin to grow and be a place like all other servers out there.
So I think I have most of what I wanted to say out…. I hope that you enjoyed reading this and that I will make a promise not to closed #MummaNewb down unless there was a real issue and not because I felt sad and sorry for myself. So untill my next post I will see you around and about. “Mwah”