Everybody’s Got To Learn/Start Sometime!

I need to pull my finger out, need to stop hiding behind making plans to make plans so I can plan… What I should do is just go for it, if I mess up. Remember that mistakes will happen and they are there to be learned from. I am sorry if I have been mega distant from here and other places and even people. But I cant sit around helping everyone else out, until I have helped myself first. No one is going to help me. I know I have asked, with no reply. Or I have paid with no results. So that has left me in a bracket that being a mother or an older person even if I am only 32 years old I am being ignored. So I am trying to get myself started alone and it will take time as I don’t have the skills like most, I am learning in my spare time to create a new intro/outro for my vlogs I hope to start. I am making a new intro/outro for my gaming because I feel it would make me stand out a little bit more as a gamer and others may take me a little more seriously. I seem to be talking more on the QT than shouting my mouth off like I was when I first started this whole online thing. I need to remember I am a mother first, I can not drop what I am doing to help others out. If I have the time I will, but I don’t ATM and I really do not know when I will. I can’t grow if I am not doing anything.
I wish I could have more time in my day to help others… gamers.. vloggers… blogger, friends. I just. I live on YouTube, I like videos that sends a tweet to my profile that I suppose is helping others. I enjoy there content, so I want to share it with others. Doing so may lose followers on tweeter, I am sorry about that. This blog is yet another rant if you have not guessed. I have been up the wall all week. I woke up today thinking “Yea, it’s Friday. That means FUNDAY!” Erm, no… it does not today I have been frustrated all day, and nothing at all is getting better. I gave myself a plan to get things done and I can not go to the next part of my plan if I didn’t finish what I had started… would you make half a sandwich and then walk away and go out for long walk ? This week I snapped up a new domain, and knowing how to do it as I have done it with this place. I would had thought it would of been working by now, but it has give me nothing but problems and my host do not seem very helpful towards me which is a little shocking, but anywho…. I then felt I would come back to that and I would try and record a video to update my YouTube subscribers on my channel, to find out one of my kids have broke my Microsoft LifeChat LX-300 Headset. #GuttedMuch ? Yes, but kids will be kids… So getting intouch with Amazon I was able to get it sorted along with my never ending issues with my elgato. I seriously wonder why I even try to make gaming videos, I either fail… or I have equipment that fails on me. One thing I have manged to get right this week was setting up a couple of e-mail addresses for my domains as I now have 3 to run and maintain. My new domain is getting closer and closer to getting finished and I have been able to get some great minecraft thumbnails for my new series that I wish I could get sorted, as my modpack is still not working well. I have plans to be a little more creative as its a great feeling to have. Speaking of great feelings, My kids are still driving me up the wall, but there so funny and have taken to having the camera put on them with ease. I am still a little wary about putting so much of them online. Some of the content I am hoping to use is good enough for me. I feel I just need to stop being so camera shy.
All in all, I am glad this week is over. I have tried my best to make changes to my life. Ignoring the little things that side track me away from what I meant to be doing… Okay “CONFESSION ALERT” I still am avoiding adobe after effects, but in my defense that was mainly because the tutorial I am using has the images/footage to place. I need to get all of mine and I hope that what I have is not going to make this whole thing look terrible…. “We All Make Mistakes” – I know that seeking perfection for a 1st time vlog is a little hard to reach, but with so many vloggers on YouTube as it is… I am nothing compared to them. I am no guru in beauty or fashion or hair. I may have small skill in computers but as me about the components in a motherboard, or how much RAM will I need to to have in my custom built computer to be able to play COD Ghost? they will just blow me away. I love to play games, I love gadgets… I ┬álike, Beauty, Fashion & hair. Maybe I is something to vlog about… How new I am to all this again after letting myself go when I become a mother. That is the honest truth. Until I post again. Hope your well
Peace && Love