Don’t Judge Until You try!

I have always felt that I was meant to be behind the camera.
I loved the spotlight as a child and even now.
My family will back me up on that one 🙂

I know after what a few weeks of having what I need that I am not ready to be a vlogger. It’s easy to get a recording device out, start filming and be like “Awww” watching them short clips back.
When it comes to putting them together, I found I was able to do that, It was just I feel like I don’t want to look stupid. I see so much bad things said about vlogging I feel like I will be judge for putting myself and my family on camera, on YouTube for anyone to see.
To be a Vlogger, isn’t easy. Your opening to home, your life to everyone and placing yourself out as a target. I would be doing that towards my kids. Would that be fair ?
My kids who understand, really would like me to vlog, I am now unsure.
I am struggling to learn how to make a fancy intro and an outro for any videos I make.
That is mainly because I allow myself to get taken away by something else.
I have let this happen to me in so many other things I do. I feel like a terrible person for what I do. As I feel somewhat used by it all, I feel so many things… but this is not a confession this is a blog so I do not have to declare my life here. Like I have already.
My online life is in worse of a mess than my offline life now.
I always said I was a mother first and I should remember that.
I will have to think long and hard if being a vlogger is what I want, I started as a partner, to then become a mother, to be a writer. I need to stop adding titles to myself.
I wanted to record gaming videos as I was amazed by some people who do the very same thing.
I may not be able to offer the best in the gaming world, I may go on and on about Minecraft.
I should stick to doing what I do best, that is doing anything and everything ALONE!
It is what I am good at, I am not one who seeks attention, I like to offer what I do for the reader, or the watcher to help break up a moment of there day/afternoon/evening/night.
I don’t know what I was turning myself into but I knew I wasn’t myself. I need to be more firm. I need to do what I want to do and not feel obliged to be helpful to someone because I like there content or what they do. I will not be anything until I step up and try it out for myself.