Don’t bite off more than you can chew!

“Be straightforward, because you know that you can’t cope. Be honest, because trying to beat around the bush, and cutting the middleman out. Is not going to make life better.”

I have taken the today off, I say that but I managed to record TMG (gaming guide) video due to not feeling rushed. Plus my kids went to there nan’s for an Easter party. 
I think I have found the answer to fix my issues I struggle to deal with. What’s worse it stares me in the face everyday. I can see that I have been taken on way more than I should. Thinking if I add more to my busy life, I can ignore the fact that I feel so low. It only really hit me when I started watching SacconeJoly’s daily Vlogs from the start. I know I am slow to catch on to things but this was real slow 🙁
Rome wasn’t built in a day. Plus they had skills to build. 

“I will get where I want to go, if I put the learning in. I won’t fail, I will make mistakes. I will learn from my mistakes. And get better… Get to where I want to be, from there who knows where I will be this time next year.”  

 I’d love to see where I would be next year, I’d love to see where I will be next month, next week even…. 
The only thing holding me back is myself
Peace && Love
Cuttie Kisses