A Day With No Gadgets


Day4: A day without technology!
Aha, this should be fun. I hope to stay away from social networks, all of my accounts; twitter, tumblr, bloglovin, blogger, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube… I’m sure you get what I mean. #throwbackthursday taking me back to a time where paper and pen was cool.
I wish I could have stated that I did well, but I failed as of 17:00PM. I had tried my best to stay away from my gadgets, with the exception of phone calls, but I ended up giving in. I was having a great day but I ended up cracking in and using my 3DS, which lead to checking my e-mail.. which lead to now using my laptop to play Minecraft and to edit this post.
Hope you all had an amazing day everyone
Peace && Love
Cuttie Kisses
Sazzywils – talulajadeuk
(#throwbackthursday – Image used: Myself, Alex and baby Ethan)