Cooking Revisited

I have been waiting the longest time to be able to make a new food related post here and now I am, I feel speechless on what I am meant to be saying. but I can say thing… is that I think I have a new addiction to the saying #FoodPorn. I seem to be joining the millions on Instagram posting my food. With that being said I really am looking forward to getting my kitchen decorated so I may be able to vlog some of what I make. Sorry in advance it will not be anything fancy but in order to learn and overcome my fear Small videos and images. Be that I could do a “What we ate” compared to the “What I Ate Wednesday” It would be nice to plan my meals for the week also and share them with you all along with trying new things with the help of the amazing¬†Jamie Oliver¬†making sure I do not mess up. TBH I know this may sound like I am going down the path of “Here she goes with the plans and ideas she wont keep to” but I would really like to try and give this a go. One fear is the noise from the kids but that is something I can’t help and really it would be part of my videos as I can’t really hush them up because I want to make a video. I want them to be able to join in and cook with me sometimes. Even get my only girl into cooking so she never ends up a newb like me.
It is something I am really looking forward to doing, alone or with my kids… but I need to make sure I know what I am doing, being a newb, I will only mess up badly and have a newb cooking show. One thing it will be something different I can share with you here and on my channel…. but for now baby steps and keeping everything in just tiny little baby steps till I am brave enough to try it out for real (;