Sitting On The Fence Of Confusion – Part One


Avon VS Younique

The Confusion Story Of Avon

I will state right now that I am not the brightest crayon but the confusion I am currenly faced with drives me crazy Now I know this post will be read as well as the fact that It’s me and a big part of my life is confusion and yet connected to each of these companies. But in a previous blog I posted, I was going to leave the company I was and still am with. Yes, it has its struggles, but so does anything else in life even make a cup of coffee and not having any coffee. But I want to upfront, honest and overall true to myself before I go spout off how you should join my team, or buy from me.

My customer base is trusted people who know they can depend on me, and I ma not saying most are not but so many people join network marketing companies and direct selling companies and soon after they join they leave. I started back in 2015, as a matter of fact, I officially started on my birthday in 2015. I just love to know that random fact about myself.

I have stayed true to understanding what this world was and how it would work for me and my lifestyle. Now I won’t beat around the bush I have been with other companies, whilst with Avon but I’m just saying I am still with them today so that says something is holding close to my heart with this company. Up until now well around October/November 2016, where things didn’t just go wrong, they just didn’t make sense anymore.

That was when I began doubting myself and seeking help from others with no real response at all I began to worry. Now if you know me at all you would know that who I am when I worry it doesn’t go well together. I am an utter mess and can’t pay attention to anything at all. Thing’s slowly come to a stand still, then I am forced to rush to stay above the cut. But not too long ago I was called on my phone and kinda told that maybe Avon wasn’t for me and maybe I should leave.

That stuck to me and well I took offence to that so bad that I not only reported it but I wrote a letter of complaint about it as it really wasn’t something I was expecting to hear from someone I had never spoken to. Now other things were said but that is all I will remember about the call no matter what. Confusion overload had really killed it for me.

What Happened next?

To explain how I felt is still hard to say or hard to feel even today because I joined a company who believed in support and empowering others not knocking them down and showing them the door. I knew I had flaws and restrictions that stopped me being who most sales leader are in Avon but I am not them. Nor do I wish to be them, I created my own way of running my business and I like how I run my business. #WorkItYourWayWithTalulajadeuk

I was so gutted that I wanted to leave on the spot and never come back without telling anyone I was leaving, but that was when it hit me as I would have to tell my customers, more I would have to tell the customers who had ordered with me that campaign and would be waiting for their delivery. I couldn’t let them down. It wasn’t their fault I was in this frame of mind. So like my blog post I posted in the link above I told some customers and the response was astonishing. But now in the next campaign and things well what could you say about a situation like mine if you were in my shoes.

To Be Continued…