Blog Dying Or Not Viewed


I know for a fact that blogs can be very interesting — brilliant, powerful, gripping, compelling, explosive and even viral.

Let’s make sure, first off, that the writing is really good. Readers crave readable content, regardless of the industry. I encourage you to either find your company’s best writer or become your company’s best writer.

At the risk of sounding generic, I’m going to say it:  You’ve got to know what’s going on in your industry. What’s more, you’ve got to actually have experience in the industry in order to write authoritatively.

Before you can get users engaging with your posts, you need to get them to read them.  To do that, you need a catchy title they’ll click in the search results. This is why the sometimes controversial “link bait titles” can be so effective.

Writing from the first person means that you use the words “I” and “me.”

It’s totally fine to do so. You’re not breaking any grammatical rules or unwritten codes of blogging. First-person content is interesting content.

Some of your blog posts should be written on narrow niche subjects that have small but dedicated followings.  You won’t get broad audience engagement, but the interaction you do get can also be valuable.

Don’t be afraid of being personable, as long as you’re professional.

In post formatting, subheadings are critical.  Blog readers skim for value, so pointing out paragraph topics with subheadings is important.

Another turnoff is the promotion blog. A blog is not an open channel to coerce people to buy your stuff. You can try that, but no one is going to really read and engage with it.

When you are constantly pushing your products, new versions, updates, improvements, the awesomeness of a cool new feature, or five reasons to get the platinum plan, you are boring.