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I’d really love to be a great cook. I love been in the kitchen. Having 5 children, I spend quite a lot of time in the kitchen. So I’d love to know how to prepare food for a large family. Only starting last year I have been letting my kids help out a lot more than I used to. Nearly every week we try our best to make something as a group, be that cakes or muffins or I allow them to help make the dinner with us. Sometimes, well most times it does not look like what it should do but they try and that is all that matters right. So I hope to be able to start a section here where my five little monkeys cook, bake, shake…. make a massive mess. It’s all part of them enjoying their time learning to use things in the kitchen.
So stay tuned as I will be posting soon.
(As long as there not awful)
– talulajadeuk