Back & Forth!

Music video by Sugababes performing Round Round. (C) 2002 Universal Island Records Ltd.

First let me say I am sorry that this blog is late, I was so out of it yesterday with catching my daughters chest infection. I just wanted to relax with no stress of thinking at all.
Next I wanted to let you guys & gals know what I have been getting up to.
I am sitting on my mushroom ATM. I say mushroom due to it being cute and soft.
As I am high on meds so this blog won’t be very long I don’t think. I have been busy like everyone. Just my week seemed to go back and forth. Whenever I got stuck with something I would just ditch it and move on to something else.
Last weeks plan was to buy items that will help with your YouTube channel
Edit these bought items with my own video/photo footage to create a intro & outro for my channel (Didn’t know how hard that would be) Taking ages to find what I wanted when I finally got what could work. I found that I needed to learn how to use a program called Adobe After Effects. I have used it before. As I made my Minecraft intro for my channel which had no outro… It isnt as good as some you will see on YouTube, and I know buying a template from someone is kinda not your own. But they took the time to make it for someone like me to come by and say “I really like that” plus it has to be created still. I need to add the footage or the images and I do not have a clue how to do that. Speaking of footage… I spent 4/7 days recording for my 1st vlog that still isnt up, and I am seeing now that how can I put up a vlog if I need footage for the intro and outro. So yea… I am kinda still at the start with that one.
I have learnt a little, as it came with a silent tutorial video. Just I didnt think I was going to get sick. Starting with a headache, I just assumed I was using my laptop too much so I tried to not use it. but I was getting worse. Doctor tells me that me and my daughter have chest infections, so were on a course of meds to clear it up. Have you ever held a camera to yourself and recorded yourself doing something. The dishes, singing… Walking out and about ?
I tried the whole vlogging thing, and I felt so camera shy, and worried about what people would of said about me. I know people love seeing me kids… so most of my footage was of them, if not if was my garden or a path I walked on. Coming to edit all this footage and photo’s I had got which now I think will not be used lolz. I am really bad at this. I have tried a few programs to edit my videos and to do a couple of other things. My main program I use is Freemake Video Converter as I use that for my minecraft videos that I have uploaded to YouTube.
But a great person who is good at what he does gave me a source that has blown me away.
So I would to give a massive shoutout and thank you to JofeeJokes 
I am using a trial version of Adobe Premier Pro, and the help and tutorials they offer are so good even my kids could learn it.. ( Don’t think about sazzy!) So I have not finished what I wanted to do with the whole intro/outro thing because I have spent more time learning new things. Also my minecraft series (newb guide) has come to a sudden end, due to software I was using to run it, and the game crashed while recording and now I have lost my world. Heard it here first as I have not uploaded the video yet. (will be on my YouTube channel on tuesday)
So I am gutted about that. I had a bug in one of my mods I was using, but I have changed it now and even added a few new mods, I have terrible lag again and my FPS is out of control so I will not be making a modded series till I can get that sorted and it is running smooth again.
I have had an idea of making a small modded series. FPS runs great and I can only see how it goes right. I mean I was telling people how I played minecraft in the last series showing them mods that I felt they didn’t care about. There was no action or fun in it. I have heard this from loads of different YouTubers but…. If you enjoy it, do it. If you don’t, your channel will never grow. I kinda would like mine to grow in time. I was even thinking of setting up a twitch account and having a place that I could play games and interact with viewers. I know some great people who stream already so seeking help would not be a issue at all, but yet again I am wanting to try something else before I finish what I have started. This blog seems to be the only place/thing I have really kept to. I know I was away for a while since this blog began. Yet since my return I do try to get my content out when I can, even if most of it does not make sense.
I know my blog is not read often, nor do I have any followers here, but I am not here for that. I want to write… I love to write… Type random words that I know most people will never read. I love to share my experience in what I try to do with my life (hence why I am looking into vlogging) Just like my last post I still do not know where that would place me.
I know I am trying to entertain, but so far they are to empty seats who can not judge or give me advice where I feel I may need it. Do I need it ? I need something and that is to get a move on.
I kinda came back to my socialite life as a fan on a TV show. Became a minor celeb who has vanished of the face of the earth. “Don’t give up your day job” Am I wrong for taking a step back and wanting to try something else. Was it a bad idea to bring back talulajadeuk and turn her into a gaming character to make a fool of myself because I am bad at Minecraft, and every other game for that matter. Who am I to call myself a Gamer! I am just a mum who wants to shine.
Yet the only person I shine for is my kids. It is now a 2nd week into a new month and I have nothing to show but another failed attempt into making a gaming series. My minecraft server is still being paid for and is going nowhere. I feel it will take time. So maybe staying in the dark may be a way of helping me grow. Going back to my days of being a socialite and re-connecting with old friends in and out the celeb world. Relax, don’t stress and watch and see where I am by Christmas. I am sure I must be able to get somewhere by then. Hopefully I may have my house decorated too. Something else on my plan list….
Until Next Time ~ Peace && Love