BabySteps & Gameplay!

Today I was highly determined to get my journal going. I never finished due to papers all over the floor, but I was able to get more done. (When I found what step was next) but my mission today was mainly to sort of them little things that bugged me, the things I had on a todo list in my head yet have never done anything about it. I began last night before I went to bed, but went on a mission on and off all day. With a clean house, kids fed and now sleeping I was able to get so much done. (Leaving my laptop on my bed so I wasn’t temped to play games) 
I spent most my day trying to sort things that were way overdue, and I feel so less stressed having that out my way, I even managed to get a bit on online shopping done.
I think tomorrow I will continue this but I want to tackle the kids clothing and footwear.
Massive clear out and if it is needed I will buy new next week.
In other news aka my gaming side I have still been quite distant. Not having much time or confidence to record or start the series I am dying to do. I feel that I am torn between two different game types. But then I was thinking what if readers have no idea what minecraft really is, maybe I should do my own intro to minecraft (Not that it will be good)
But its something to do… I tried to record again using my elgato and still never had any joy.
I was able to get enough gameplay without losing my signal to make a video which I have uploaded to Youtube, in hope that elgato can help me
I do not think I want to feel stressed out anymore today, so I plan to kick back and chill out for the night. Heck after all this week I think I deserve it!
Peace && Love
Cuttie Kisses 
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