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So today not that I can say it’s an official date is the day I tried to fight the depression and tackle the things I do in my everyday life. Also seeing as I am in a fight against myself let me re-introduce myself.
I’m Sam, Sammi, Samantha… A busy mother of 5 kids who I like to call “The Five Little Monkeys” I am a scatty brain who stumbled upon the bright idea of blogging. I just didn’t really think deep into why I wanted to do that.  I suppose mainly as online based diary for anyone and everyone to read. (Not that it has worked out very well) Not that I am looking back on the past few months, I hope to leave that as a scribbled page in my life of errors and I may look back and laugh in years to come.
I decided that I wanted to take you on a little tour.
I could sit for hours telling you about myself, what better way than my photograph.
(They say a million stories, so I have heard)

Here is an insight into my day. A day my household calls


I had tried so many ways to try and get this post done sooner, but I wanted to tag every image, and there was quite a lot to tag and I also wanted to edit the effects of each photo which would of made this post not going up tonight. Suppose this is a lesson learned into the world of blogging. This just pretty covers my day just without the massive Monday shop I get weekly, yet I know I will order more because my family snatch everything in sight like the little monkeys that they are. I did also have plans which I could explain a little to you about what I hope to do with this blog that don’t involve images.
I just would like to inform now that you have read this far, I have no skills. I’m not a guru in anything… I am just a mum from North West England trying to make her mark in the world wide web. If you enjoy reading this and maybe future blogs/vlogs & videos I hope to create in the future then I would like to thank you in advance and also I will thank you all again in the future too 🙂
To anyone who does not find my blog there cup of tea. I am sorry that what I have here does not please you. but hating people does not get you anywhere.
With that out the way. “Phew!” I would like to say that I am hoping to take this blog somewhere over time. For now I am taking small little steps in gaining my confidence in being more open, expressing myself and not using my kids. I want to share my battle/fear of the depression I am going under and how I plan to get my life back. So I can be normal like everyone else again (Just a tad crazy still maybe)
My mission for the year

I would love to be able to leave the house
I would love to take my 5 children out
Take them all to liverpool for the day
Treat them, Spoil them… Prove to myself

I have been hiding in my house, in the dark for too long… So blogging, vlogging (I hope) my events, and all I get up to in my life will be like a breath of fresh air to get it oof my chest, feeling the stress and worry of what people may think of me if I make a mistake (I do that often) not to be a second thought.
People always make mistakes, I should remember that and if people want to judge me, then I have to let them in order with putting myself, my family online.
I hope to be able to maybe even get my sense of fashion & beauty back.
(I have more PJ’s than I have items of clothing)
Don’t have a clue how I am going to do that. Me and makeup is a disaster waiting to happen, but I hope that in time that maybe you can help… Always willing to listen. Don’t have no friends anyways so to have someone to talk to about things in general would be great… Don’t even mind talking about Peppa pig!
I have taken upon myself to fix myself thanks to the very helpful
so taking baby steps and working on setting up my own control journal
(I say journal yet I have 4 of them.)
You may have seen a couple of pictures in this blog where I am printing them out for reference so I can really sit down read and I am loving what she has there so if you have not seen her website, check it out please.
I plan to make it a little my own as everyone life is different but I will have to blog and see how it all comes along.
BabyStep No:1 is this blog, besides speaking up for myself
I think now I may end here. Babies need me, and I would love to go on and on, but I will leave that for another time, another post…. another day where I tackle depression, say/type random things and make myself better again!

Things can only get better from here right ?

Peace && Love
Cuttie Kisses
Sammi – talulajadeuk
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