Avon blogger

Well here’s something I didn’t see coming, me working in the world of beauty seeing as I don not even wear make-up at all. But this year I was lucky to be found and to start working for Avon which I was uber scared to start, but my summer wasn’t very good. (A long story I may share in the future) but in joining them I have taken this amazing adventure that brings me so much bliss and simplicity. I was even lucky enough to be asked by Avon Beauty Connects to test out and give feedback about a product that is not for sale yet. Joining Avon has been the kind of thing I have been looking for and now it has found me I am already climbing the business ladder and have become a sales leader in such a short time.

So be prepared if you have not noticed my upgrade in posts about Avon as I am a socialite in a whole new wave as I bring my Avon business with me every step of the way.

Small steps each day, help to go grow. In growing I am able to see the path I wish to take. The path I want is for my family to be happy and to have the life I have always wanted to give them.