Am I Crazy?

MummaNewbSo I sat up till quite late last night working on a project I have planned to do for Minecraft. If you are wondering  What Is Minecraft? then check out the link as it will help you to understand. But moving on. I was thinking am I told old to be doing this. Going on YouTube and making videos of me playing the game. I suppose you could say I am a little scared of being judged due to being a mum. I run my own server too, website and I really do enjoy keeping them going. I may of only really started, but that is where the fun is at the start as I know it is all make believe, but I can create a place I can get lost in. Not that I am trying to get away from the life I have, nor am I trying to get away from my children. Hence why I stuck with my same old name of Talulajadeuk. I wasn’t trying to hide, or create a new persona I wanted to take my book character to a new place. A place filled with blocks…. A place where I am still not getting the hang of it at all.
“I always seem to do this I start something and not too long down the line I begin to judge myself”
I started to play Minecraft via my iPad and was glued. If I had a minute I would go on and continue building my home which I still do to the very day. Just I now use the desktop version on my laptop. I would say I play a lot but I really do. “It’s A Addiction” I have managed to stop myself the past few weeks mainly because my personal life came first and my kids. Mainly it was a summer thing I just couldn’t get enough of the game. Now I don’t play as often (Still every day) but having more to do towards the game has made me feel as if I am wrong/bad for doing this. I suppose in time I will have to start to prove to people that I am wanting to stick to this. Like I am wanting to stick to other things I do. Then I went to YouTube….
“I felt so tiny in such a big place I now feel I am just making an utter fool of myself”
Is it because I am still new I am like a rabbit in the headlights, I am so scared of yet another failed project I put myself to. Let’s just say I have my real reasons for wanting to do what I am doing.
I am just not willing to mention what they are as yet.