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When you’re starting your business with no funding and a limited budget, it’s inevitable that you’ll have to take on most tasks in your business, including your own marketing activities.

Marketing is an ongoing key component to growing any business, therefore it’s worth taking the time to understand the mechanics of marketing, even if you do have the option of outsourcing or delegating this out.

A common question I hear from small business owners who are undertaking their own marketing is how can they find the time to market their business through blogging?

There’s no denying that blogging takes time and for this reason many businesses start with good intentions and then they stop. They lose sight of why they started and are not seeing any results.

Whether you’re new to blogging or are looking to revive your blog, here are four tips to help kick start your blog into action:

Start with the end in mind

Before you commit to writing a series of blog posts, take some time to work out how blogging integrates into your overall business strategy. What outcome are you looking to achieve? Is it to rank higher in the search engines? If yes, then narrow the focus further by deciding which key words you want to rank higher for? You can then focus on peppering these keywords into your content (which helps with rankings). This will help to determine the types of blog content you need to focus on writing.

Maybe you’re looking to raise more awareness of your expertise and want to attract media opportunities. Or perhaps you’re looking to grow your e-mail database so you can communicate your offers directly to your customers in order to generate more revenue.

Start with the end in mind so that blogging becomes an integral part of your overall business strategy.

Set a goal

Once you’re clear on your strategy, you need to set goals that align to your overall strategy.

Having blogging goals that you can work towards will motivate you and reminds you of why it’s important to make blogging part of your regular marketing routine.

These goals could be that you want to increase website visitors to your site by 20% over the next 6 months. Perhaps you’re looking to double your customer e-mail subscribers over the coming year in order to increase sales.

Create a habit

To create any type of habit you have to take the first step and take action. The key to forming any habit is to make it part of your routine, mark it in your calendar and then focus on completing it without any distractions.

I had the pleasure of meeting one of the UK’s top entrepreneurs Nigel Botterill recently. He allocates 90 minutes every morning towards working on his ‘big business goals’. He locks himself in his office and is not to be disturbed. He spends this time working on his goals that will move his business forward, this includes marketing activities that he personally needs to complete. The rest of his day is then spent on tasks that keep the business going.

It’s a habit that has served him well and enabled him to double the turnover of one of his businesses in less than a year.

Build momentum

Once you begin to blog regularly you’ll discover that your blog will gradually begin to build momentum. By momentum this means that your blog will flow better in terms of writing style and content. You may start to see increases in traffic and repeat visitor numbers. High quality content published on a consistent basis will help you to build momentum more quickly.

Zagg is a great example of how a business has built momentum over time by consistently blogging. Zagg is an online mobile device accessory provider that focuses on providing useful content to it’s customers through it’s blog. They publish 25-35 posts a week, with a team of 3 writers. Zagg also uses their blog posts in their content e-mail newsletters.

From their blogging efforts Zagg achieved a 172% return on their investment in sales in under two years. Interestingly this also resulted in a 82% higher click-to-open rate than their standard promotional e-mail.

Zagg has a dedicated team producing a large amount of posts that will seem out of reach for many small business owners. However studies have suggested that momentum can begin to happen once you have as little as 50 blog posts on your site.

To summarise

If you’re thinking about blogging for your business then:

– Start with the end in mind

– Set your blogging goals

– Create a blogging habit

– Create the best blog you can on a consistent basis to build momentum quickly.

Have you started regularly blogging for business? If so, I’d love to hear how it’s going for you?

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